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11 Innovative Ways to Find Content Ideas for Your Next Viral Hit

By: The Idea Engine Team

By: The Idea Engine Team

In the ever-changing world of content creation, the quest to find content ideas that resonate with your audience never ends. This guide lays out 11 targeted strategies for uncovering the topics your audience craves. Equip yourself with tools and techniques that boost your content ideas above your competitors.

Key Takeaways

  • Utilizing AI tools to streamline your brainstorming process and generate relevant and personalized content ideas helps you build a content plan in less time.

  • Using Google’s autocomplete suggestions and related searches helps to identify current trends and popular queries to generate content ideas that align with user interests.

  • Social media platforms serve as rich sources for content inspiration by scouting trending hashtags, engaging with audience queries, and observing high-performing content trends.

  • Refreshing and updating high-performing content with current information and insights can maintain its relevance and appeal to the audience, ensuring continued engagement.

1. Harnessing Google’s Goldmine: Search Suggestions and Related Searches

Google search bar with search suggestions

The world’s most popular search engine, Google, isn’t just a tool for finding information – it’s a must use for content creators looking for content ideas for their business. With billions of searches every day, Google offers a real-time window into the minds of your audience, and using Google Trends can help you tap into this valuable resource.

Utilizing Google Search Suggestions and Related Searches allows you to generate a multitude of content ideas that cater to your audience’s diverse interests.

Mining Google Search Suggestions

As you type into Google’s search bar, autocomplete suggestions pop up, providing you with a snapshot of the most popular searches related to your query. These suggestions reflect the active interests of users within your niche, acting as a compass guiding you towards content ideas that will appeal to your audience.

These search suggestions are not just random words; they are driven by the popularity and similarity of searches, thereby offering a unique insight into the minds of your audience. Analyzing these autocomplete suggestions enables the generation of diverse themed content ideas, ensuring your content consistently aligns with your audience’s interests and queries.

Deciphering Related Searches

Google’s ‘searches related to…’ feature is another hidden gem that can spark content inspiration whether it’s for content ideas for Instagram, TikTok, or Youtube. Displayed at the bottom of the search results page, this feature uncovers additional queries relevant to your initial search.

These related searches provide a broader view of what users are actively seeking, offering a source of inspiration for fresh content ideas. Leveraging these insights enables the crafting of content that enhances engagement, providing answers to the questions users are actively seeking.

2. Elevating Your Content Brainstorming Process with AI Tools

Generate content ideas using AI tools

Incorporating AI tools into your brainstorming process can revolutionize your content creation workflow, boosting efficiency and creativity. To start, leverage AI-powered content generation platforms to generate initial ideas or prompts based on your niche or target audience. You can utilize your generic ChatGPT, but there are even more personalized and relevant tools that will be more beneficial.

Use Idea Engine to find personalized and up to date content ideas in your voice. This tool can analyze trends, articles across the internet, posts from other creators, and even your previous posts to suggest unlimited content ideas that are likely to resonate. Adding this tool into your routine will elevate your ability to grow and engage with your audience using topics in your niche.

3. Observing Other Social Media Creators

Social media platforms with trending hashtags

Social media platforms are more than just venues for sharing cat videos and holiday snaps. They are vibrant communities where users share, reply to, and interact with content that resonates with them. Observing these interactions uncovers a multitude of content ideas that have a high potential for audience engagement.

Scouting Trending Hashtags

Hashtags are the pulse of social media, highlighting trending topics and sparking conversations on platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Scouting these trending hashtags allows the identification of articles, buzzwords, and audience questions ripe for development into engaging content.

Incorporating these relevant hashtags into your posts not only allows you to engage in current social media conversations but also helps potential followers discover and interact with your content. For refined content creation strategies, performance tracking of these hashtags through frequency and engagement rate analysis is beneficial.

See What Other Creators are Posting

Keeping tabs on what others are posting on social media can be a valuable strategy for content creators to generate fresh ideas and stay relevant. By monitoring the content shared by peers, competitors, and influencers within your niche, you gain valuable insights into trending topics, popular formats, and audience preferences.

One way to effectively engage in this approach would be using tools such as Idea Engine that have a section for “posts from other creators.” This tool can assist in your competitor research and identifying gaps in the market, discovering untapped content opportunities, and adapting your own content strategy accordingly.

Engaging with Audience Queries

One of the best ways to generate content ideas is by simply asking your audience. Engaging with your audience by asking for their input makes them feel valued and provides you with targeted content ideas that are meaningful to them. Additionally, exploring content generation ideas can help you diversify your approach and keep your content fresh.

Interactive social media features, such as emoji voting or comment sections, can be leveraged to gain insights into audience preferences for future content. Direct calls to action on your social media posts, asking followers to comment on their interests or pose questions, can lead to valuable content ideas.

4. The YouTube Deep Dive: Video Titles and Trends

YouTube video titles and trends

YouTube’s vast ocean of video content is a beacon for content creators. With over 500 hours of video uploaded every minute, YouTube offers a wealth of content ideas waiting to be discovered. Here are some ways to generate content ideas on YouTube:

  • Dive into YouTube trends and see what topics are currently popular

  • Analyze video titles and descriptions to see what keywords and phrases are being used

  • Stay up to date with industry news and create content around relevant topics

  • Engage with your audience and ask for their input and suggestions

By following these strategies, you can capture the most relevant topics and create engaging content that resonates with your audience.

Analyzing Popular Video Titles

Popular video titles on YouTube can reveal patterns in what captivates viewers. Analyzing these titles helps identify popular themes and formats that resonate with your audience.

The YouTube Research Tab Insights tool is an invaluable resource for discovering new video ideas. By generating a list of related search terms and topics, you can gain insights into current trends and what’s gaining traction with viewers. Remember, the goal is to inspire, not imitate. Adapt and innovate to stay authentic and keep your content fresh and engaging.

Spotting Industry News and How-to Videos

Keeping an eye on YouTube’s Trending page can reveal a wealth of content ideas. Some trending topics include:

  • Industry news

  • How-to videos

  • Product reviews

  • Celebrity interviews

  • Challenges and pranks

These trending topic ideas signal a demand for such content and can be the spark for your next viral hit.

By regularly monitoring for patterns and themes in YouTube trends, you can generate ideas for educational blog content that aligns with your viewers’ current interests. Don’t just mirror the trends; add your unique spin and insights to truly resonate with your audience.

5. Creative Content Ideas from Community Interactions

Engaging blog comments and social media posts

Your customers are a goldmine of content ideas. From their inquiries to their feedback, their interactions can provide a wealth of insights into what they want to know more about. Leveraging these interactions enables generation of content ideas that address their pain points and respond to their most frequently asked questions.

Learning from Blog Comments

The comments section of a blog post is a goldmine for uncovering the thoughts, questions, and additional information readers have, offering insights into new topics and identifying content gaps.

Answering ‘why’ questions from blog comments can develop into powerful content, as these represent frequent inquiries by customers seeking deeper understanding of business-related topics. Addressing these queries allows the creation of content that not only informs but also engages your audience. Don’t forgot to also check out the comments on your competitor’s blog posts. Seeing what other people are responding to can be helpful context for your next fantastic post.

Gathering Insights from Social Media Posts

Social media is not just a platform for sharing; it’s a platform for listening. Analyzing social media posts with high engagement from your ideal audience identifies content topics with high potential for success in social media marketing.

Promoting or thanking partners or supporters on your brand’s social media can lead to increased interactions, which could inspire new content ideas. Remember, the goal is to listen, learn, and leverage these insights for your content creation.

6. Relevant Keywords: SEO Tools to Spark Ideas

Keyword research tools interface

In the digital age, SEO tools are the magic wand for content creators. Tools like Ubersuggest, Answer the Public, and Ahrefs enable the generation of content ideas, conducting keyword research, and uncovering emerging trends, all with a few clicks.

Mastering Keyword Research Tool Capabilities

Keyword research tools are the compass that guide you towards content that resonates with your audience. These tools provide detailed insights into popular keywords, their search volume metrics, and the regions where they are trending.

Tools like SEMrush can facilitate organic keyword research and, coupled with insights from Google Search Console, can pinpoint high-volume but low-competition keywords to target for new content. With these tools at your disposal, you can navigate the vast ocean of content ideas with ease and precision.

Interpreting Data from Google Search Console

Google Search Console is your gateway to understanding how your content is performing. It helps identify which queries bring the most traffic to your site, allowing for expansion on those topics.

By examining the Queries tab in Google Search Console, you can reveal what your audience is searching for and which content on your site addresses those topics. This data can inform your content strategy and guide you towards creating content that truly resonates with your audience.

7. The Content Refresh: Updating What Works

Refresh social media to match current trends

Content can quickly become outdated on social media platforms. But instead of discarding old content, why not give it a refresh? Updating high-performing content maintains relevance, improves accuracy, and incorporates recent developments, thereby rejuvenating your content.

Evaluating High-Performing Content

To identify the content that needs a refresh, begin by evaluating your current content performance. Using web analytics, assess metrics such as:

  • Inbound links

  • Traffic

  • Social shares

  • Keyword rankings

Continuously review high-performing pages for updates to address upcoming content challenges and to maintain relevance. Remember, it’s not just about the numbers. Sometimes, you might want to update content based on current relevance and trending topics, occasionally prioritizing these factors over pure metrics.

Incorporating Recent Developments

Updating your content is more than just correcting typos. It’s about ensuring your content remains accurate and relevant throughout the entire content creation process. Incorporating insights from recent studies can add credibility and depth to content, creating articles, videos, and social media posts based on new studies or surveys.

Replace outdated examples with new ones that are more relatable to the current audience and reflect recent developments. Remember, your content is a living entity that needs to evolve and grow with your audience.

8. Listen for Ideas Using Podcasts

Listening to podcasts and personal stories for relevant content

Podcasts are the new radio, and they offer a sea of content ideas. From interviews with industry leaders to discussions on the latest trends, podcasts provide a wealth of creative inspiration and ideas due to their passion-led content.

Extracting Topics from Podcast Episodes

Podcast episodes are a goldmine of content ideas. By analyzing the most popular episodes, you can identify topics that resonate with listeners and generate content ideas that will appeal to your audience.

The limitless potential of podcast topics and formats encourages listeners to explore new ideas and can spark the creativity of content creators. Remember, the goal is to inspire, not imitate. Adapt and innovate to stay authentic and keep your content fresh and engaging.

Leveraging Interviews and Stories

Podcasts aren’t just about topics; they’re about people. Interesting anecdotes and expert interviews from podcasts can be used as a basis for in-depth articles or opinion pieces that resonate with audiences looking for more substantial content.

Analyzing such interviews can reveal insightful content ideas based on the topics they discuss, predictions they make, and advice they give. By leveraging the depth found in podcast anecdotes and interviews, content creators can produce opinion pieces and articles with a strong foundation of expertise and real-world relevance.

9. Peeking Into the Competitor’s Playbook

Brainstorm content ideas by analyzing your competitors

They say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. In the world of content creation, this means understanding your competitors’ content strategies. Peeking into their playbook identifies gaps in your content marketing efforts and finds opportunities for unique content creation.

Dissecting Competitor’s Top Content

A competitive content analysis involves assessing your competitors’ content strategies to highlight their most successful content and identify areas for improvement.

By using tools like Ahrefs’ Top Pages report or analyzing their paid keywords using Ahrefs, Spyfu, or SEMrush, you can track your competitors’ top-performing content. Remember, the goal is not to copy, but to learn and adapt to create unique and engaging content.

Finding Inspiration, Not Imitation

Analyzing your competitors’ top content should spark inspiration for creating unique content, not imitation. Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Identify gaps in your own content by observing your competitors.

  2. Propose original ideas to fill those voids.

  3. Remember, your goal is to offer unique and valuable content to your audience, not to copy your competitors.

10. The Newsletter Niche: Curated Knowledge for Content Creation

Utilize newsletters for industry trends

In the era of information overload, newsletters offer a respite. These curated capsules of knowledge provide a wealth of inspiration for content creation. Subscribing to industry newsletters keeps you updated on the latest trends relevant to your target audience and generates a multitude of content ideas.

Identifying Valuable Newsletters

Newsletters are more than just email updates; they’re a direct line of communication with your audience. They help build relationships, increase brand awareness, and gather subscriber data.

To create an effective newsletter, it’s crucial to consistently provide educational and insightful content, thereby establishing your brand’s credibility. Remember, a successful newsletter is one that engages its audience and makes it notable, preventing it from being ignored or discarded.

Transforming News into Narratives

Newsletters offer a wealth of curated content that can be transformed into comprehensive narratives or thought leadership blog posts. By turning news items into narratives, you can create engaging, in-depth content that resonates with your audience. Remember, the goal is to inform and engage, not just to share information. By adding your unique spin and insights, you can create content that truly stands out.

11. Tapping Into Online Forums for Untapped Topics

Searching on online forums

In the vast expanse of the internet, online forums like Reddit and Quora are bustling hubs of discussion. These real-time, community-driven discussions offer a pulse on what’s currently engaging, serving as exceptional sources for content ideas.

Exploring Subreddits and Threads

Reddit, with its 1.2 million subreddits, is like a massive online city, with communities discussing every conceivable topic. Using Reddit’s search function pinpoints communities engaged in discussions related to your content ideas.

Exploring these subreddits and threads can provide valuable insights into related issues, the effectiveness of solutions, and enable the creation of more comprehensive content.

Stay Up to Date on Current Topics in Your Niche

Staying up to date with content in your niche is crucial for content creators to maintain relevance, credibility, and competitiveness in today’s dynamic digital landscape. By staying ahead of the latest trends and discussions within your niche, you can effectively anticipate and respond to shifts in audience interests and preferences. Idea Engine, an AI tool for content creators, allows for this proactive approach by enabling you to produce timely and engaging content that resonates with your target audience, fostering deeper connections and loyalty.

Idea Engine is different than most AI tools on the market due to its ability to monitor industry news and real time information. This ongoing research and learning process not only fuels your creativity but also positions you as an authoritative voice within your niche.

Answering the Unanswered

Online forums are filled with questions, but not all of them are answered. These unanswered queries represent unmet content needs, and by creating detailed answers to these queries, you can capture untapped audience interest.

Analyzing the questions in the FAQ sections of competitor websites can also reveal common queries. By creating new, comprehensive content that addresses these queries, you can fill in the information gaps for your audience.


Within the vast landscape of content generation, exploring innovative ways to generate content ideas and finding inspiration from unexpected sources is essential. Whether you’re mining Google search suggestions, diving deep into YouTube trends, or tapping into the wealth of insights from customer interactions, the key is to listen, learn, and leverage these insights for your content creation.



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